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Commercial and Military Aviation

Dishon is a designated Tier 2 growth supplier to our Tier 1 customers. We are a center of excellence for safety-critical components and assemblies within several areas of the aircraft, including the Landing Gear, Engine, Aerostructure and Fluid Systems. We primarily machine hard metals, castings and forgings and have equal capabilities in turning and milling.

satellite in space

Space and Satellite

Dishon has contributed to multiple space technology projects including the International Space Station, One Web, and the space shuttle arm (Canadarm). We have experience in a variety of satellite components including Ka and Ku Band. Dishon also has significant experience in turbopump parts, leveraging our in-house grinding to maintain tolerances in hard metals.

nuclear power plant

Nuclear Power Generation

CNC machining for the nuclear & power generation industries requires the same tight tolerances, specialty materials and thorough testing that aerospace, satellite and sub-sea technologies require. Dishon has a long history of supporting the nuclear & power generation industries.

oil rig platform

Sub-Sea Oil & Gas

Dishon has been servicing the Sub-Sea Oil Gas industry for over 20 years. Our product line includes Control Valves, Manifolds and Seals that are tested to over 5000 PSI.