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CNC Machining, CNC Assemblies in Mexico

Dishon's newest facility provides CNC machining, assemblies and Kitting in Mexico. Located in the Parque Industrial Bernardo Quintana, Dishon's Mexican facility duplicates their Canadian capabilities, including:

  • 4 and 5 Axis Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • 7 Axis Multi-Tasking (Mill Turn)
  • Grinding

The Querétaro facility is fully backed by the experience and expertise of Dishon's Canadian facility, which supports it with manufacturing plans, quality plans and engineering.

Why Mexico?

Mexico's strategic geographical position allows Dishon to serve its customers throughout the Americas efficiently and cost-effectively. Mexico provides sound international trade relations, economic, financial and political stability. A recent study confirms:

“Mexico is the country with the lowest costs for the manufacture of industrial components among the main emerging economies (Brazil, China and India)”.

Member of La Federación Mexicana de la Industria Aeroespacial, A.C. (FEMIA)

Dishon MPM is a proud member of La Federación Mexicana de la Industria Aeroespacial, A.C. FEMIA was established in 2007 by the Mexican government to promote the Mexican aerospace industry, both nationally and internationally. All aerospace coporations in Mexcio are working together to meet the sector's strategic challenges, and to create an environment conducive to increased value and innovation.

ISO / AS9100 Certification

Dishon Mexico is in the process of attaining ISO and AS9100 certification.

Contact Dishon MPM

Contact us for more information on Dishon's CNC machining and assemblies services in Mexico:

Val Wilson
(416) 258-7903
(416) 638-8900

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